Location:Tel Aviv
Area: 59.0 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographer: Ann Vaserman
Description: A typical 59 sqm Tel-Aviv apartment transformed to accommodate a new baby on the way.
In order to allow an addition of a second bedroom, we had to rethink the apartment's circulation in a bid to gain further habitable space, which meant removing all corridors and unused storage spaces.
In the end, except for two supporting columns,the entire apartment was torn down and rebuilt with a single element, which forms a partition between the living area and the sleeping/bathing area. This partition houses all the storage and service functions, as well as contains all the water, heating and cooling systems.
The end result is a free-standing unit which does not reach the outer walls of the apartment, thus allows for a free 360 degrees of circulation around it. The bathroom now functions as a secondary path between the 2 bedrooms, while the kitchen and living room are located on the other end of the partition wall.