OS House competition: design a 10,000$ house for a family of 5-9 persons in Ghana - Runner Up

Ghana's unique context obligates architects and urban planners to rethink conventional housing models. For us, a question is posed:

Is it possible to improve the quality of life for the emerging middle class in Ghana while respecting and exploiting the potential of its cultural environment?

Our design proposal presets an "urban Cell-house" that is based on three conditions which we believe are appropriate for this challenge.
First, ‘Cell-House’ enhances the sense of freedom. The owners have both the ability to afford and built a house on their own. Given the fact that only local materials and natural resources are used, along with know-how constructions skills – this house is a practical alternative for an urban living model.
Secondly, ‘Cell-House’ offers a flexible organization of spaces. In order to maintain flows of light, air and movement, the structure's skin is constructed by fixed and partly opaque elements while the inner components are penetrable and highly exchangeable. Moreover, flexibility is achieved by having the possibility to expand the modular units/cells whenever required.
And finally, this proposal aims to promote sustainable architecture. It displays various ideas of ecological methods of design and how they can be implemented on urban environments.