No Man's Land turned into Everyone's Land
* In collaboration with Oded Ben-Yehuda

In this competition entry, we focused on the unrealized potential found in urban traffic islands.

These traffic partitions are catered by the municipality and often contain, within their limited space, some trees, shrubs, plants and grass. Yet, they are never seen as anything other than a decorative strip, separating multi-lane streets, and function as stopping pods for people crossing the street. Considering today's lack of free open public spaces, we felt there was a potential in transforming these pods into proper spaces as such.

By taking the rhythm of 2 opposite zebra-crossings from both ends of a traffic island, and clashing them together, we created a spatial tension which is then extruded up, to form benches and tables. The former sterile space becomes a place for random acquaintances, a meeting place or a place to have lunch in the shade or on the grass.